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  Các mâm than đắt tiền nhất trên thế giới Các mâm than đắt tiền nhất trên thế giới , .:: - Dùng thử 3 ngày - Chỉ bán hàng thật: Dây loa | Dây tín hiệu | Dây nguồn | Coaxial | Optical | Subwoofer | Ampli | Loa | Receiver | CDP ::.
Các mâm than đắt tiền nhất trên thế giới


TechDAS Air Force One - £75,000

Air by name, air by nature. How many decks do you know with an air bearing to support the platter, or achieve isolation from its support through air suspension? But it doesn"t stop there. Those with warped discs - that"s us too - can rejoice in the Techdas"s ability to suck a record flat onto its platter, giving the cartridge an easier ride.

Clearaudio Statement v2 - £92,500

The Statement v2 is made from bullet-proof wood sandwiched between aluminium plates and can accommodate up to four tonearms, including the £18,500 Statement TT1 v2 tangential tonearm (should you have some cash left over). Unlike the Techdas there"s no air main bearing, with Clearaudio choosing to float the platter with magnetism instead. If this is a tad out of your budget, more realistic Clearaudio turntables are also available.

MORE: Clearaudio unveils £92,500 Statement v2 turntable

J.C. Verdier La Platine Magnum - £95,000

The La Platine is huge, has a 50cm platter (that’s a 12-inch record in the picture) and weighs a colossal 400kg thanks to a base made of granite. And, say what you like about the design, it certainly looks better than the company"s website.

Rossner and Sohn MOTT - up to £105,000

MOTT stands for Mother of TurnTable and this is one serious mother, with an overall weight of 325kg. There are various specifications available for this German turntable but the top-end model comes with automatic pneumatic adjustment and an air bearing. You"ll have to wait six months for one to be made to order, mind.

OneDof One Degree - £105,000

The One Degree was designed by NASA space engineer Aleks Bakman and claims to eliminate all resonance thanks to liquid suspension. Naturally, it uses "aerospace grade metals" too. It features 24-carat gold plating and weighs a rather more manageable 23kg.

Basis Audio Work of Art - £105,000

Billed as a "tribute to the science and art of vinyl music reproduction", this Basis Audio turntable uses a vacuum system to hold the record down on the platter and even claims to be able to restore warped records to "exact flatness". There"s a non-vacuum version, too, but in for a penny in for a pound, we reckon.

Transrotor Artus - £105,000

Transrotor hopes your £105,000 will be well spent on the Artus, thanks to the deck"s ability to deliver a completely level playing platform using "cardanic suspension" - a gimbal design ensures it pivots around a single axis. Made from solid aluminium and acrylic, it also features a contact-less magnetic field drive and a balanced tone arm (you"d hope so, too). And it weighs a quarter of a tonne.

Audio Consulting R-evolution Meteor - £130,000

This battery-powered turntable is apparently made from "one entire tree". And not just any tree - one that’s been dried for at least 20 years. Craftsmen then spend two weeks getting the surface “just right” by hand. It uses a two-chassis construction designed “to avoid any standing waves” and can support two tonearms. You can even have the platter in Ferrari red.

Goldmund Reference II - £165,000

The Reference II was limited to just 25 models (maybe check eBay...), has a platter that weighs 20kg, and some 15kg of brass-shielding for the motor. There"s no end to the fantastical-sounding features - "liquid nitrogen-rectified belt" - but sadly the £165,000 doesn"t go quite as far as you might hope. You’ll still need to shell out for a tonearm and cartridge.

AV Designhaus Derenville VPM 2010-1 - £460,000

We think the Derenville VPM 2010-1 might just be the most expensive turntable ever made. You’d expect a great deal of technology in something costing the best part of half a million pounds, and you’d be right.

The VPM 2010-1 has two frequency controlled motors on the belt, a solid 60kg Corian chassis standing on four air suspension feet, laser toe angle measurement and an integrated digital scale. There"s an HD camera and a screen for checking everything is running smoothly, plus a touchscreen remote control. Don"t all rush at once...



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