Dây balance XLR Straightwire SERENADE II, Made in USA, 1.5m, 0.7m

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Dây thuộc Level 3 của Straightwire, nghe hay ở 3 dải.

Cặp 1m5: tạm hết

Cặp 70cm: 4T5

Serenade II IC employs Certified CDA 101 copper conductors in a low resistance, advanced Helix CCT (Compressed Conductor Technology) design. It conveys musical structure and dynamic passages with great focus and clarity.  Mid bass weight and midrange coherence are elevated in this “baby brother” to the award-winning Crescendo  It captivates the listener with an effortless  conveyance of the original air space and details. Unrestricted performance. pristine highs, brilliant mid range and vigorous bass are obvious when used in concert with high level audio components. Serenade II delivers all of the nuances of your favorite source materials.

XLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination (tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along with standard RCA termination.

Clear jacket over white braid; 
Diameter 13mm (.510")

LEVEL 3 consists of audiophile grade high articulation audio cables. Utilizing top materials and applied technology benefits from our award winning reference designs. Consider Level 3 for premium digital AV receiver and pre/amp component separates, external D to A converters, analog (phono) units and speakers.

The above information is from the manufacturer.

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Thương hiệu: Straightwire
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Dây balance XLR Straightwire SERENADE II, Made in USA, 1.5m, 0.7m

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