Dây Ethernet PANGEA PREMIER, box | 1m

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Product type RJ45 Ethernet Cable
Length 5m
Connectors 2x RJ45
Ethernet Category Cat 7
Conductors material Copper
Conductors plating Silver
Conductors section 0.129mm² (26AWG)
Insulation material PE
Shielding Triple shielding + individual shielding for each conductor


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If you have high-end audio devices connected in a network, then it is essential to use quality Ethernet cables to allow your devices to deliver their full potential. With its Premieres, Pangea offers Ethernet cables using excellent materials and a careful design, ensuring very good performance.

The Pangea Premier incorporates 26AWG (0.129mm²) copper conductors with silver plating, ensuring very good signal conductivity. Always with a view to performance, the cable is covered with a PE sheath. In addition, each conductor is individually shielded, a prerequisite for benefiting from the Ethernet Cat 7 standard. A triple shielding is then added to minimize the negative impact of EMI / RFI interference.

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Dây Ethernet PANGEA PREMIER, box | 1m

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