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Dây loa Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus, biwire | 2m4

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Crystal Clear Audio
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Dây đầu bảng của Crystal Clear Audio. Không như dây mạ bạc, thường cho dải trên sáng nhưng dải dưới nông, Magnum Opus có lõi bạc nguyên chất 99.9999% cho dải trên lung linh và dải trầm cực sâu.

Càng cua ra bắp chuối biwire.

Introducing the new Top of the Line series. "Magnum Opus" means Master Piece! We have been holding the design for years and finally out in the market. We put all our expertise in cable design on this series. Built from the bare silver. NO machined pre-manufactured cable involved. True 99.9999% pure silver, known to Audiophiles as 6N"s.

The best conductor in the planet. Treated, processed and fine tuned for best result. Each silver wires are coated 3 to 4 times with natural clear solution, and dried for days. Twisted and braided configuration. Silver conductors are sleeved individually into a heavy duty high performance thermal protected coated cotton sleeves. Dual outer covers. The top cover is a polyethylene terepthalate material braided together with highly reflective 3M Scotchlite® retro reflective monofilament.

This unique combination provides a high level of wire and cable protection with the added advantage of extraordinary 360 degree, on-axis reflectivity. RF is up to 1,500 times brighter than plain white under identical conditions and will provide high visibility safety on wires. Underneath is another heavy duty high performance thermal protected, coated cotton sleeves. Terminated with the best connector Oyaide Focus XLR, with SWAROVSKI rhinestones and Oyaide Genesis RCA with platinum and rhodium contacts. The Final result is the most detailed cables you"ll ever hear. And everything comes with it.


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Dây loa Crystal Clear Audio Magnum Opus, biwire | 2m4

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