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Tương đương Nordost Quattro Fil.



Several years ago, when I ran half a dozen cords through my system, the El Dorado was the best in its price class, beaten only by a $1200 Electraglide.

Vài năm trước, tôi đã thử nửa tá dây nguồn trong hệ thống của mình, El Dorado tốt nhất trong tầm giá, chỉ kém hơn Electraglide $1200.


Hi, Diatonic Cluster:

I use a El Dorado in my Accuphase DP65 Cd Player with satisfaction. It´s the only cable that I never changed. Good Power cable!

Tôi dùng El Dorado cho đầu CDAccuphase DP65 và rất hài lòng. Đây là dây duy nhất tôi không bao giờ thay đổi. Dây nguồn tốt.

 Construction: Nordost Patented Extruded Teflon
Technology: conductors 8 groups of 7 in Micro Monofilament construction
Material: 50 microns silver plated 99.999999% OFC
Connectors: IEC to AC/Mains plugs US/UK/EUR
Color: Light Blue
Power: Rating:
20 Amps
Inductance: 0.10uH/ft
Resistance: 34 Ohms/1000ft/330M as terminated


Art Kastl
an Audiophile

I totally agree with Bob Neill in the prior post on Nordost El Dorado power cord. I've been able to live with the El Dorado for 3 months now and
the improved detail, harmonics, overtones and information retrieval on
the recording venue was improved on significantly with the El Dorado....

I compared the El Dorado with Synergistic Master AC and the Reference series
and was sold on the El Dorado after a week of A/B comparisons. Does this
prove that Synergistic power cords are of less value. No... Only that
the "synergy" between components within the chain and your personal preferences
to musicality and tonality should be your judge.

Also, in talking to Nordost they recommended at least a 100hr breakin period
for the El Dorado. My take is that this excellent power cord needed at
least 150 to 200 hrs. to "open up" and has finally stabalized in my
system with about 300 hrs. on 'em.

Highly recommended on a price/performance basis.


All in all, very fine power cord


Bob Neill
an Audio Enthusiast

After-market power cables represent the most cost-effective improvements
you can make in a sound system. The Nordost El Dorado is the best cable I
have heard in the under $600 category, slightly superior to the otherwise
quite fine standard Electraglide, but not quite up to the inestimable Electraglide Reference III. When I inserted the El Dorado into my system
between my Naim CDX/XPS cd player and Chang Lightspeed (or house outlet),
the increase in detail and resolution was quite dramatic. It really has to
be heard to be believed. If cost is a factor, stop at the Nordost and you'll
never be sorry. This company has yet to make a mistake! I give it four stars
only because I don't believe in grade inflation: the Electraglide Reference
III gets the fifth star. But in terms of value, it's five stars easy.


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Dây nguồn Nordost El Dorado (Silver) | 1.8m

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