Dây nguồn Pangea AC-9SE MKII | 1m

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  • Premium affordable audiophile AC power cable
  • Designed specifically to deliver high-current power needed by audio amplifiers
  • No-compromise Cardas Grade One Copper and 99.99% purity OFC conductors for maximum conductivity
  • Contains several times the amount of Cardas Grade One Copper as Pangea Audio AC-9 MkII power cable
  • Solid-blade 24k gold-plated copper AC contacts
  • 9-awg construction for optimized high-current power delivery
  • Seven-way multi-gauge geometry for optimized 50/60 Hz AC power
  • Conductors consist of Cardas Grade One Copper, OFC copper, and Litz wire
  • Counter-spiraled conductors for superior noise rejection
  • Triple-shielded for optimized high-current noise Isolation
  • 24K gold-plated contacts for superior electrical contact
  • Ideal for power amps and other high-current electronics

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Dây nguồn Pangea AC-9SE MKII | 1m

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