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The Hydra HC power cord benefits from Shunyata's (VTX) virtual cylindrical conductors, hewn from CDA 101 copper. The VTX conductors are woven in a geometry that simulates a hollow-tube conductor, minimizing internal distortions common to solid-core conductors. The complex 9 gauge, CDA 101 copper wire core insures the delivery of measurably improved peak current to Shunyata Research Hydra power distributors -- at a previously unheard of price. All other Shunyata-developed power-cord exclusives are also in evidence, including custom-made hand terminated connectors, Alpha Cryogenic treatment, and the finest metals and materials used in Shunyata's top model power cords.

Unprecedented High-Current Value 

The extreme value of the Hydra HC power cord is achieved by doing away with cost-related aesthetic add-ons. The industrial build of the Hydra HC power cord denotes extreme durability, functionality and purposefulness. When plugged to the wall the undeniable value and innovation built into the Hydra HC becomes clear.

The Hydra HC power cord's measurable superiority in delivering peak-current to Hydra power distributors makes it by far the best high-current value in the storied history of Shunyata Research's impressive line of power cords.

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Dây nguồn Shunyata VTX HYDRA HC | 1m8

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