Dây nguồn Shunyata VTX HYDRA HC | 1m8 (Dùng cho BACL, lọc điện, nguồn tổng, ampli công suất lớn)

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The Hydra HC VTX power cord is a purpose built, high performance cord specifically engineered to satisfy even the most current hungry of components. capable of delivering a staggering amount of power virtually instantaneously, HHC VTX was originally intended to be the anchoring cable for Shunyata’s Hydra power conditioners. Surprisingly, the same characteristics which make HHC VTX so fantastic for power conditioners also make it an excellent cable for amplifiers, preamps, even source components.

A massive 9AWG cable, the HHC VTX delivers outstanding electrical characteristics and massive current capability. HHC VTX supercharges any component, unleashes true dynamic range, improves transient capability and delivers greater low-frequency control and slam. The HHC VTX uses Shunyata's ultra-pure CDA-101 copper conductors, which offer far lower distortion, sweeter purity of tone and far greater conductivity than any other copper conductors on the market. Shunyata's proprietary Virtual Tube Geometry (VTX) geometry greatly reduces noise and vastly improved current delivery, delivering superior imaging, clearer detail, richer tonal balance, smoother frequency response and far better depth of image.

Virtual Tube Geometry (VTX)
World renowned for ultra-complex wire geometries which measurably improve conductivity and other desirable characteristics, Shunyata has developed Virtual Tube Geometry (VTX).  Testing using DTCD determined that the ideal conductor is a hollow tube, but this is wildly impractical in the real world. VTX construction allows Shunyata cables to mimic the performance of a hollow tube and greatly reduces inductance and “skin-effect”.

The HHC VTX is built slightly differently than other Shunyata cords. Designed for durability and functionality, rather than aesthetic beauty, the Hydra HC has a sturdy PVC jacket which allows Shunyata to offer this cable at a shockingly low price given the high-value of the ingredients in this over-achieving cable. Shunyata's proprietary termination techniques and the same custom IEC and Wall Plugs which grace all upper Shunyata cords are used as well.

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Dây nguồn Shunyata VTX HYDRA HC | 1m8 (Dùng cho BACL, lọc điện, nguồn tổng, ampli công suất lớn)

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