Dây nguồn VH Audio FLAVOUR 4, Wattgate 330i & 350i / Furutech FI25M & FI25F | 0.9m, 1.2m

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Dây 0.9m (3ft), Furutech FI25, nguyên bản: 6T9

Dây 1m  Furutech FI25, nguyên bản: 7T5

Dây 1.2m (4ft), Wattgate 330i & 350i, nguyên bản: 7T9

The VH Audio Flavor 4 power cable is designed for higher current amplifiers and CD transports/players.

Features of this design include:

* 9 AWG for "hot" and 9 AWG for 'neutral".

* Ground wire consists of a 10 AWG low strand count bare copper.

Deep Cryogenic treatment of conductors is standard, including the ground wire and the connectors (using standard WattGate connectors).

FEP insulation of all conductors, including the outer protective jacket.

* Star quad geometry with tight lay length (twists per inch) provides excellent RFI/EMI rejection, and also reduces the inductance (raises capacitance).

* No shield is utilized in order to maintain unrestricted macro and micro dynamics. The star quad geometry concentrates the current towards the center of the conductor bundle, providing excellent shielding from external sources, as well as mitigating radiation of RFI/EMI.

* VH Audio's "Spaced Counter-spiraled Ground"™ geometry, which helps reduce the sonic effects of having a safety ground.

* The wire termination points are treated with "TPC- The Perfect Connection" contact enhancer before termination.

* Connectors available include Furutech's FI-11, FI-25, U.K. and Schuko series.

Like all VH Audio wire and cables, this product was developed by Chris VenHaus after extensive listening tests over a period of several years, and is ONLY available at VH Audio. As with all VH Audio wire and cable, this wire has been manufactured to VH Audio's specs in the USA, and is only available at VH Audio.

Reviews: https://www.vhaudio.com/reviews.html#flavor4

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Dây nguồn VH Audio FLAVOUR 4, Wattgate 330i & 350i / Furutech FI25M & FI25F | 0.9m, 1.2m

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