Dây tín hiệu AUDIOQUEST EXTREME SILVER (toàn bạc) | 1m

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•Solid FPS Silver (4 nines silver 99.99%)
•Hard cell Foam PE Dielectric
•Fully Shielded
•PTFE Insulated RCA plugs
•True Coaxial Design.
•23 gauge
Made in the USA

"Those Silver Extreme Audioquest cables are a great deal and honestly cheap for a silver audioquest cable. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am very satisfied with them. I noticed a big difference when I hooked them up but thought it might be psychosomatic until my wife ( who doesn't understand why I spent that much on "just wires") asked what I did. When I told her it was the "wires" she was surprised."

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Thương hiệu: Audioquest
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Dây tín hiệu AUDIOQUEST EXTREME SILVER (toàn bạc) | 1m

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