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The Chameleon Silver Plus is the first interconnect in the range to use silver-plated conductors in combination with Teflon insulation. This is a combination of materials that the Chord Company use extensively and the improvements they bring to dynamic, detail and tonal transmission are very obvious. Correctly used, silver-plated conductors can help to bring real definition to the often complex information that makes up the harmonic signature of a musical instrument. Cymbals really benefit, as do acoustic guitars and pianos and the timbre of acoustic instruments is more apparent. Extra $85 per metre of cable.

There is a widely held belief that cables that use silver are all about bass and treble, this simply isn’t the case. Properly designed cables that use silver as a conductor are extremely neutral right across the audio frequency range. Used with Chord Rumour or Chord Odyssey the Chameleon Silver Plus will produce a wide and stable stereo image. Individual instruments will be easier to pick out and identify and complex passages of music will be simpler to follow. This combination of cables is also an exceptionally good choice for use in a home cinema system. The performance characteristics bring serious levels of clarity to even the most complex action sequences. 


  • Silver-plated multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors
  • Teflon insulation
  • Matched signal and return paths
  • High coverage silver-plated shield
  • Silver-plated RCA/phono plugs
  • Vibration damping outer jacket
  • Price: $280


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Dây tín hiệu Chord Company Chameleon Silver Plus (1m x 2)

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