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Liberty’s Z-500 THX Balanced XLR Stereo Audio UP-OCC Interconnect Cables provide the very best cable construction for true sonic fidelity.

These THX™ certified audio interconnect cables feature Ohno Continuous Cast 99.99998% pure copper single crystal per strand construction and foamed polyethylene dielectric insulation for ultra low capacitance and flawless audio signal transference. 

Named after the inventor of the process, Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan, the patented "UP-OCC" (Ultra Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting Process) makes it possible to manufacture wire with a single continuous grain of copper per 700 feet of cable.  By comparison, conventional high-purity copper has about 1500 grains per foot (1,050,000 grains per 700 feet).

The importance of this characteristic to audiophiles is that grain boundaries are said to cause noise and distortion in passing audio signals.  UP-OCC reduces grain by a factor of over a million, thus reducing the chance of this type of noise by the same factor.  That is why many audiophiles prefer UP-OCC over all other materials.  For those who can hear the difference, the result is signal fidelity, clarity and performance characteristics that are unique to UP-OCC cables.  Of course it was not much of a challenge to get THX certification for cables as good as these, so you get that assurance as well.


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Dây tín hiệu Liberty Z-500 THX Balanced XLR Stereo Audio UP-OCC | 3m

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