Dây tín hiệu Linn Analog Black | 1m2, 5m4

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This cable is derived from the low capacitance polystyrene dielectric cable used originally to carry the signal from a turntable and cartridge to a pre-amplifier. This ‘phono’ signal is probably the most demanding of all signals in any audio system, usually less than one thousandth of the signal between a CD player and an amplifier. A cable good enough to handle this signal will accurately transfer any other low level audio signals in an audio or AV system.

  • Double layer braided and foil shielding for excellent screening from mains frequencies
  • 45-strand copper conductor
  • Outer diameter 5.1 mm
  • Available in 1.2 m pairs, terminated with RCA phono connectors
  • Also available in custom lengths from Linn Specialists



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Dây tín hiệu Linn Analog Black | 1m2, 5m4

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