Dây tín hiệu XLR Nordost VALKYRJA | 1m x 2

22.500.000  Fast & Free

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adjustment  beat music-wave  levels
Sound "Fast, open, airy, and highly detailed but also able to convey tremendous bass weight and slam along with palpability and presence through the midrange"; subjectively, they have less of a sonic signature than a good many other cables I've used."
Features "Singular in their design approach and construction" -- 28 22-gauge eight-nines copper conductors over which 60 microns of high-purity silver are extruded. Teflon monofilament is then wound around each of the conductors, after which the bundled conductors are encapsulated in .5mm of FEP Teflon."
Use "These cables are precision instruments." -- "whatever sonics your equipment and recordings have to offer, you will hear them with Valkyrja."
Value "Valkyrja offers supreme neutrality, which makes me wonder what more Nordost's Valhalla can possibly offer."
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Với giá sách $2000/ cặp 1m, Valkyrja được đánh giá có được chất âm gần với Valhalla nhất.

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Thương hiệu: Nordost

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Dây tín hiệu XLR Nordost VALKYRJA | 1m x 2

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Fast & Free
adjustment  beat music-wave  levels