Dây USB Shunyata VENOM, A to B, box, 0.75m

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Better Than Any USB Cable Anywhere Near Its Price Class: Shunyata Venom Lets You Hear More Music with Less Noise, Ideal for Computer-Audio, High-Resolution, and Streaming Applications

How does the Shunyata Venom USB cable reward your decision to spend more money on a USB cable when you can get a generic one for less than the price of a fast-food hamburger? As your ears will tell you, you"ll hear your music come alive like never before and notice details, dynamics, clarity, and tones that you probably didn"t know existed on favorite recordings. Venom USB maximizes the thrilling potential of all music streaming and computer-audio applications. Whether you play songs from Apple Music, cue up tracks on Tunein or Pandora, subscribe to TIDAL or Spotify, or use a combination of streaming platforms, Venom USB provides the connection you need to get the data signals to your device without loss, distortion, and performance-robbing artifacts. And if you take advantage of high-resolution formats such as DSD, DXD, or MQA, you owe it to yourself to try Venom USB.

You"ll also know Venom USB is superior to the competition in and even above its price class simply by touching it. Shunyata"s sterling build quality is obvious. Equipped with massive silver-plated VTX copper conductors and triple-shielded to isolate noise, Venom USB is also hand-terminated with gold-plated connections for premium contact integrity. Plus, its flexibility lets you put it wherever you need it without hassle. Certified for USB 2.0 performance, Venom USB simply brings you closer to what you like and let you have more fun.

We"ve compared Venom USB to many other cables – including higher-priced models. It stands alone. Which is why we know you will love Venom USB. If you don"t, just return it. 100% Music Direct Satisfaction Guaranteed.

High-Grade Construction, Hand-Terminated Ends
Venom USB uses high-quality, massive-gauge, silver-plated copper conductors that are dual shielded for noise isolation. Both ends of Venom USB are hand-terminated with premium gold-plated connections for optimum contact integrity. Despite its low price and massive size, this supple USB also has Shunyata"s signature flexibility and beautiful construction.


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Dây USB Shunyata VENOM, A to B, box, 0.75m

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