Dây USB StraightWire Level 3, USBF-LINK A to B, 1m

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Straight Wire has introduced `USBF a unique, NEW level 3 USB 2.0 cable. Discrete filter circuits for both power and data signals are employed at the source (A) end. These greatly reduce noise and data errors that come from most notebook computers and most USB source devices.  

USBF utilizes Compressed Conductor Technology ( CCT) with SILVER (AG) plated conductors for the data path to deliver the most accurate signals. The compressed silver conductors minimize strand to strand jumping yet offer the full benefits of high volume silver surface area. The data and power paths have lower resistance (larger conductors) than the commercial standards to ensure accurate transmission over longer runs.  Nitrogen foamed gas PE insulation and high coverage shielding are employed in the Straight Wire USB-Link to deliver full 24/192 data streams.

The USB 2.0 format is widely used to bridge computer and audio data storage devices with many high performance components. Gold plated Type A and B connectors with precision metal capped molded bodies and a durable black mesh jacket overlay complete the USBF. Available in 1, 1.5, 2 , 3 and 4.5M lengths with Straight Wire’s Lifetime  Warranty against defects in materials or workmanship complete the package.

Straight Wire has produced premium audio/video cables on a worldwide basis for over 30 years. They are recognized for product selection (over 80 lines of cable!), immediate delivery, custom lengths and termination. They have won numerous awards for performance, quality and value.

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Dây USB StraightWire Level 3, USBF-LINK A to B, 1m

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