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  • The signal conductors are Silver-Plated and insulation is PTFE
  • Shielding is provided by a high-density double braid that works to very high frequencies
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Chord Signature USB Tuned Aray Type A to Type B Cable


Developing Tuned ARAY for their flagship Sarum cable range was a real voyage of (particularly when it came to music we thought we knew well) discovery. What’s been really good though is the way they have been able to apply the same technology to their Indigo and Signature interconnects and achieve the same genuinely coherent musical performance that is unique to Tuned ARAY technology. 

The Signature Tuned ARAY USB cable is a perfect example. Yes the choice of USB cable is critical, especially if you are listening to FLAC, WAV or higher resolution music (actually even MP3 gains a sense of rightness). Signature Tuned ARAY will allow you to get properly involved with the music you play. Even better, it helps extend listening sessions, Tuned ARAY users tend to stay up later than they meant to.

The Signature Tuned ARAY USB is a completely new cable that takes its Tuned ARAY geometry from the Sarum USB cable. The signal conductors are silver-plated and insulation is PTFE. Shielding is provided by a high-density double braid that works to very high frequencies. Another shielded cable is used to carry voltage, and this means that all the cables within the black outer braiding are separately shielded. It also means that like the Sarum Tuned ARAY USB cable, the Signature Tuned ARAY USB is built almost entirely by hand, with a precision stripping machine used to prepare the cable ends. Like all Tuned ARAY interconnects the stripping of the cable ends requires a very high degree of accuracy.

Quality USB plugs are hard to find. In the end they could only achieve the level of performance they wanted by modifying and then gold-plating, with two microns of 24 karat gold, there choice of connectors. External strain relief and reinforcement is fitted and this avoids unwanted compression of the signal conductors (profoundly important to the performance of digital cables)

Tuned ARAY technology means that we are able to produce remarkably transparent cables. Chord have long thought that the choice of digital cable is every bit as important as analogue interconnects and speaker cables and Tuned ARAY was originally developed for digital cables. The benefits of Tuned ARAY can be heard in pretty much any system they’re used in. If your system requires a USB connection then the Signature Tuned ARAY is worth listening to. It’s the Tuned ARAY effect again. The Sarum Tuned ARAY USB is every bit as profound as the other Tuned ARAY designs. Such coherent and involving music from a MAC Book truly surprised us. If this is how you’re going to store something as precious as your music, then you need to get a listen.

Contact Enhancer Option

To ensure the best possible connection between your system, Future Shop recommends the DeoxIT Gold G-Series contact enhancer.

DeoxIT Gold is carefully applied to the plug contacts of your cable and is a unique conditioning solution designed to improve conductivity and provide long-lasting protection on gold, base metals and other precious metal contacts and connections. DeoxIT Gold penetrates plated surfaces, molecularly bonding to the base metals to seal and protect both surfaces.

The benefits of applying DeoxIT gold are:

  • Improved Conductivity
  • Maintained optimum signal quality
  • Reduced wear & abrasion
  • Prevents fretting/dendrite corrosion
  • Forms a protective anti-tarnishing coating
  • Stabilises connections between similar and dissimilar metals
  • Reduces arcing, RFI and intermittent connections

Please select this option from the above ‘Contact Enhancer’ drop-down menu and our engineers will apply the contact solution to your cable connectors prior to shipping.

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Dây USB The Chord Company Digital Signature Tuned Aray USB (A to B) | 1m box

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adjustment  beat music-wave  levels