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The K9 moving magnet was Linn’s best selling and most famous moving magnet, and was ostensibly a modified Audio Technica AT-95E. The AT cost around £13 at the time of the K9’s launch back in the mid nineteen eighties, and the Linn was £59. However, the K9 wasn’t simply the same cartridge with a different paint job; basically Linn took the plastic body off the ’95 and put an aluminium alloy one in its place. The result was a gain in weight of 1.3g, but a more rigid and precise assembly which gripped the stylus better, and also the headshell too – you could tighten up a K9 in the headshell to a point where the AT-95E’s body would simply crack then fall to bits, but with the K9 the same could happen to the headshell! The stylus was also improved, with a Vital stylus profile replacing the standard elliptical diamond.

In other respects the cartridges were the same, with identical copper coil wire for example. The superior stylus gave slightly better channel separation figures (1dB at 1kHz as opposed to 1.5dB), but the output was identical at a healthy 4.5mV, with 47k Ohms recommended load, 100-300pF. Tracking force was specified as 1.7g, and the same robust aluminium cantilever was fitted.

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Kim mâm than Linn K9 MM Cartridge

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