Pangea Audio USB-AG 24 ga solid silver, A to B, 0.5m

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Don"t compromise the quality of the music you"re streaming from your computer, DAC, or other device. While standard USB cables are fine for normal computing tasks, for maximum audio quality you need a USB cable that"s designed with audiophiles in mind.
Pangea Audio"s USB-AG USB cable provides a big step up for musical applications. Thanks to its superior design and metallurgy, you"ll be able to clearly hear a difference between USB-AG and lesser cables. In our listening tests we noticed an immediately noticeable improvement even when using USB-AG with inexpensive DACs. The improvement with audiophile-quality DACs and other digital audio devices can be substantial!

Pure, Solid Silver Signal Conductors
USB-AG is an amazing 24-gauge cable boasting sophisticated design and using expensive pure, solid silver available for its signal conductors. In our tests, USB-AG sounds smoother and slightly more revealing than Pangea Audio"s USB-PC cable, and that"s no small feat considering the great performance of USB-PC.
Specially Designed for High Speed Digital Audio
Pangea Audio USB-AG is the USB cable that"s designed specifically to deliver high-speed digital audio signals. Its proprietary geometry is optimized for digital audio signal transfer. The USB High Speed 2.0 rating supports up to 480 Mbit/s data transfer rate.

Large 24-Gauge Conductors
Most USB cables are 28-gauge or even 30-gauge. USB-AG has a large 24-gauge AWG conductors for superior signal transfer. (The smaller the gauge-number, the larger the diameter.)
Superior Noise Rejection
Pangea Audio"s USB-AG doesn"t let airborne noise compromise performance. The conductors are precision-twisted for superior noise rejection and triple-shielded for optimized noise isolation. 

Superior Electrical Contact
The 24K gold-plated contacts offer superior electrical contact. Special two-shot molded connector bodies protect vital digital connections for stable signal transfer and long life.
USB-AG Enhances the Audio Performance of:

  • DACs
  • Music streamers
  • PCs and Macs
  • Laptops and desktop computers
  • NAS drives
  • Hard drives
  • Preamps with USB
  • Integrated amps with USB
  • Powered speakers with USB
  • Any AV gear with a USB interface


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Pangea Audio USB-AG 24 ga solid silver, A to B, 0.5m

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