Pre phono Crown Straight Line TWO SL-2 SL2

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Pre line-in cho CD, đặc biệt dòng nhạc vàng, bolero.

Pre phono MM rất chuẩn và hay.

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The SL2 has two tape loops, a fixed external processor loop (EPL), a precision phono preamp with calibrated gain, 1% resistors and 2.5% capacitors, tone controls, a stereo-mono-reverse-mute control, a rumble filter and indicator, and all these can be bypassed one-by-one, giving rise to the STRAIGHT LINE TWO model name. There's also a superb switchable Loudness contour that's the best I've heard, boosting the extreme deep bass and not muddying up the midbass.

The earlier Straight Line One was a very primitive preamplifier that took up two rack spaces and wasn't much more than a selector and volume control.

This STRAIGHT LINE TWO lives up to it's name, with actual measured performance of both the ancient samples I've tested of 0.00005% THD (that's four zeros!) and +0, -0.4dB response from 4 Hz ~ 110 kHz!

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Pre phono Crown Straight Line TWO SL-2 SL2

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