Dây loa Ultralink Excelsior 2.4 (2.5m x 2)

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  • 4-Conductor 12 AWG configuration, twisted-pair construction
  • Time-Aligned™ Dual-Gauge™ Solid Core Litz™ Technology
  • Ultra-high purity, laboratory-grade 6N (99.99997% pure) copper conductors
  • Ultra low-loss, low capacitance cross-link PE dielectric insulation
  • Low friction, easy-to-pull concentric outer jacket
  • c(UL) listed, CL3/ FT4 rated outer jacket
  • Terminated with precision machined 24K gold banana plugs or spades connectors


Bi-wired Excelsior 

First in excellence, first in quality, first in value, Excelsior 2.4 bi-wire speaker cable is precision engineered for transparent soundstaging, enhanced imaging, dynamics, detail and bass slam. You can only get there from here using high-purity, laboratory-grade solid-core copper conductors, low-loss dielectrics, and precision machined connectors. In the 2.4’s case that means four conductors and six terminations. They’re “finishing” cables, ideal for integrators or enthusiasts with upscale systems where looks count as much as performance.

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Dây loa Ultralink Excelsior 2.4 (2.5m x 2)

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Fast & Free
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